"We Are So Happy We Found Him!"

"My husband carried me in and I walked out on my own, in just 1 hour.
Now we both see Ryder consistently to stay healthy!"
Acupuncture & East Asian Medicine
Thousands of Years of Success
Millions of Successful Treatments
No Drugs - No Side Effects - No Surgery - No Pain
Find out what many have known for a long time...
How to Move, Think & Feel Better Easily For A Lifetime 

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"The Absolute Best!"

"I suffered for years, I tried everything, EVERYTHING... 1 Session and my pain was gone!  I'm a fool for not doing this sooner."
Here's what you will Experience:

In 15 years we have learned what it takes to make patients happy.  Our practice is easy to find with plenty of parking.  Enter our clean and comfortable facility to the warm greeting of our concierge team who will handle all of your needs leaving you stressfree.  Meet your East Asian Healthcare Specialist who will listen and understand what makes your situation unique.  Lay on a warm heated table, listen to soothing music and relax throughout your session.  Leave knowing your treatment plan, what to expect, how long it will take and what better health can feel like.

Specializing In:

  • Healing Injured Joints, Muscles, and Bones-​ Move better quickly, reduce inflammation and get back those activities you miss so much!
  • Helping Mothers Conceive-​ Fertility is one of the most popular reasons for treatment.  Conception rates increase greatly with our treatments.
  • Improving Digestive Health-​ Gastro-intestinal issues are some of the most commonly improved conditions treated by East Asian Healthcare.  Get back that feeling of certainty and comfort you once had.
  • Losing and Managing Weight Loss/Gain-​ Healthy weight is a side effect of a healthy lifestyle.  Our health plans lead to a healthier fitter, leaner life. 
  • Helping Patients Reduce & Eliminate Medicine & Become Healthy-​ Health mean the absence of illness and the need for medication.  Medical providers rarely make you healthy and often just keep you medicated - experience the difference.
  • Preventing & Reducing Allergies-​ Seasonal symptoms are a sign of poor immune response.  A body in good health resolves these foreign particles quickly and easily without your suffering.
  • And SO Much More!- Come find out what new improved health feels like!
  • Let us check your insurance and get you started to less pain and better health.  Enjoy life again!
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Ryder J. Champouillon:

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What Our Customers are Saying...

"It really couldn't get any better"

I've never had a practitioner listen so well.  I felt really cared for the entire time and I felt better when I left!

"Helped me improve as an athlete"

I am a competitive althlete.  I play hard and I need to recover fast.  Coming here has improved my recovery and my performance.

"My digestion has never been better"

I was always uncomfortable and sometimes I couldn't go out with friends because I didn't know when I would have a flare-up.  Now I can go out with certainty and comfort.  Thank you!

"I walked in, barely, with pain"

and I walked out, in comfort.  Thank you Point of Life Acupuncture!

"I am a Mom"

I was told I would never have a baby by my doctor.  Now I have a son.  I can't say enough good things about Point of Life Acupuncture!
See What Else They Said...

"My headaches are gone"

I had headaches, the doctors wanted me to take medicine.  My mom didn't like that idea and made me try acupuncture, it was good and I'm not on any medication.

"Well educated practitioners"

As a Ph.D. I have traveled the world.  The knowledge the practitioners here have is remarkable.  I think you would be hard-pressed to find as well educated practitioners elsewhere.

"I left doing cartwheels"

Literally... My hand hurt and I couldn't put any weight on it. But, when I left, I could.  I literally did a cartwheel.  They got a laugh and I was happy to be pain free!

"My pregnancy made me so nauseous"

I was sick every morning, it was horrible.  They made me feel better and it lasted!  I felt so much better for days!

"No surgery needed!"

The surgeon said I needed surgery, they said I should see what could be done first.  I am glad I did, the surgeon said it was a miracle, I don't think so.
Enjoy Your Life Again!

What would it be like to be Free From Pain?
Imagine Life without Medications!
Life with Less Stress is an option!
Start Today and Move, Think & Feel Better, Easily for a Lifetime!

From the Desk of: Ryder J. Champouillon

It is my personal goal to touch the souls of 10 Billion people as I help them to Move, Think & Feel Better, Easily, For a Lifetime.  Come in, meet my team, chat with me and lets see how much better we can make your you feel.
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